Ankündigung Just Survive Live Update - 9/21

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    • Just Survive Live Update - 9/21

      Hallo Leute es gibst eine neu mega update Für H1Z1 JS sieht nicht schlecht aus
      Hello Survivors,
      Today we’re bringing a substantial update to Live servers that improves our core feature set, addresses a number of bugs/exploits and incorporates your feedback.
      One major note on that last point is that we’ve overhauled Shacks and returned them to the game. This new metal structure is sizeable, sturdy and they can even be decorated! Originally, we anticipated those who had used Shacks would instead leverage the Barricade and Stash mechanics once we transitioned to Badwater Canyon. Though we’ll continue to expand upon and improve those systems (see Metal Barricades in the notes below) your feedback has made clear that you still want Shacks, so now they’re back and better than ever.
      This update also yields some major improvements to the Stronghold system. From the outset, we’ve wanted to provide a number of unique Stronghold materials along with items to combat their increasing strength, and today we’re taking another step forward with Metal Stronghold Components. The introduction of Pipe Bombs, Dynamite, and bundles thereof is a game changer, and since Metal Components are fully resistant to melee weapons and have increased resistance against firearms, you’ll need those explosives to make a big dent in upgraded Strongholds.
      In addition to adding many new items and recipes to the game, we’ve also made numerous changes to both the loot system and loot balance. Often requested by the community, one of the key changes is a new system that automatically cycles loot over time in an area. This means it is no longer necessary to “recycle” the loot by dumping the unwanted contents on the ground to allow the container to repopulate fully.
      These elements are just some of the significant improvements we’ve made to the experience, so we urge you to check out the detailed list below and look forward to seeing the impact they all make when you try them in game.
      This update required a server wipe to ensure that key system changes like the auto-cycling loot functioned without error.

      New Items
      • Added Metal Shack (Crafting Recipe)
      • Added Metal Shack Door (Crafting Recipe)
      • Added Metal Stronghold Components (Crafting Recipe)
      • Added Metal Barricade (Crafting Recipe)
      • Added Dynamite (Loot and Crafting recipe)
      • Added Dynamite Bundle (Crafting Recipe)
      • Added Pipe Bomb (Crafting Recipe)
      • Added Weapon Chest (Crafting Recipe)
      • Added Ammo Box(Crafting Recipe)
      • Added Freezer (Crafting Recipe)
      • Added Tool Chest (Crafting Recipe)
      • Added Handcuffs (Loot and Golden Eagle Coin Purchase)
      Loot Changes
      • Loot auto-cycles to refresh loot areas
      • Increased the number of available vehicles on the map
      • Player Inventory now allows for Multi-Category Sorting
      • Reduced steel yield from pistols from 5 to 3 to match other weapon bulk
      • Blankets can be salvaged for cloth and twine.
      • Minor balance tuning to firearm and weapon repair kit item caps.
      • Ashes no longer spawn in the world. They can still be obtained as a by-product from burning things.
      • Oil is now a possible drop from vehicle harvesting.
      • Updated wood yield from harvesting trees
      • Wood piles are now destructible objects that yield wood upon destruction (previously they acted as containers)
      • Pallets now yield wood upon destruction
      • Crates now yield wood and sometimes nails upon destruction
      • Barrels now yield nails upon destruction
      • Weapons that break through durability loss now correctly eject their unused ammunition
      • Updated wood loot model to be a jagged plank rather than a log
      • Added unique loot model and icon for Deer Head and Antlers
      • Added unique loot model and icon for Saline
      • Added unique loot model and icon for Wolf Head
      • Added unique loot model and icon for Zombie Head
      • Added unique loot model and icon for Fiber Compress
      Zombie and Combat Changes
      • Reduced zombie damage to body armor
      • Zombie damage through armor has a small chance to inflict bleeding
      • Minor bleed now has a chance to heal itself over time
      • Lowered use time for Fiber Compress
      • Improved zombie pathing and behaviors
      • Fixed an issue where zombies were near-invincible while eating corpses
      • Fixed an issue that could cause zombies to be scarce for players
      Map Changes
      • Numerous map updates and bug fixes for Pinemill Reservoir, the northeast region of Badwater Canyon
      • Fixed an issue where PVE servers would not properly display the out of bounds messaging
      • Fixed an issue where players were unable to bandage themselves after going out of bounds and then returning to the play area
      • Trashie, the Aerial Trash Can, has landed
      • Removed the map item and gave all players permanent map access (default key M)
      Construction / Destruction Updates
      • Fixed an issue where base components could be rendered invisible / non-blocking upon respawn, creating holes in bases
      • Fixed an issue where Strongholds from deleted characters wouldn't always be returned to the available Stronghold pool
      • Abandoned Strongholds now correctly revert to unclaimed after 7 days
      • Increased health for many of the Stronghold Utilities and Decorations to avoid accidentally destroying them with a single attack from a high damage melee weapon
      • Fixed an issue where some objects couldn't be placed in front of a doorway
      • Fixed an issue that caused landmines to be destroyed without exploding in certain cases on or near a Stronghold
      • Fixed an issue that could cause traps to fail to trigger for players or zombies
      • Fixed an issue where a stash could be permanently removed if a player built it near a Stronghold and then lost ownership of the Stronghold
      • Ground Tillers can now be picked up
      • Punji sticks now yield the correct amount of wood upon destruction (less than the cost to craft them)
      • Items from recursive destruction and demolition will no longer float
      • Animal traps can now be picked up
      • Workbenches now require you to hold E in order to pick up (previously tapping E would pick them up)
      • Players can no longer pick up an object (like a table) that has items on it. If it has no items, then it may be picked up.
      Survival Changes
      • Fixed an issue where stamina could get stuck in a state where it would not regenerate
      • Player now regens health when severely hungry or thirsty (previously these statuses prevented health regeneration)
      • Flashlights now project light farther
      Exploit and Griefing Fixes
      • Relocated Military Base spawns so that players can't grief other players with the tent entrances
      • Fixed an issue where airdrops would destroy Stronghold components that they landed on
      • Fixed an exploit where players could stack tables on top of each other indefinitely
      • Ongoing anti-cheat countermeasures
      Additional Bug Fixes:
      • Updated physics collisions for vehicles to reduce the possibility of an instantaneous death caused by a multi-frame collision stacking damage each frame
      • Several skin updates and fixes for various items
      • Fixed an issue where a party leader's party UI would remain after they disbanded the party
      • Fixed an issue where the hover text for a crafting recipe wouldn't show the rarity correctly